Mark Anderson governmental Consulting

About Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson is a proven public policy advocate, appropriations expert and business consultant with a proven track record of solid results for his clients. Unlike a large lobby firm, where clients can feel like they work for their lobbyists and are often treated like a number without a name, Mark works
for his clients, not the other way around. Each client has both a name and a relationship with Mark and each client knows what he is doing for and with them at all times. His expertise, attention to detail, and hands-on approach allow his clients the certainty they need to plan for short and long-term success.

In the increasingly high stakes world of public policymaking and budgeting, with major financial and legal consequences in the balance, managing the risk of Florida’s term-limited government, its policies and its potential impact is essential to every business, every organization, every local government, and every citizen. Having an experienced and successful professional navigate you through the complex and often uncertain waters of government is vitally important to ensuring that your voice is both heard and reflected in the policies you care about. Year-round, Mark Anderson Governmental Consulting is working for you.

110 South Monroe Street, Suite I
Tallahassee, FL 32301